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Tiger Yaltangki and Jeremy Whiskey

Tiger Yaltangki and Jeremy Whiskey

ROCK N ROLL (2023)


VIDEO DURATION | 3:33 minutes

Tiger Yaltangki and Jeremy Whiskey

From the Curator

This work from Tiger holds a range of vibrant paintings of vintage AC/DC posters that are rendered larger than life. The soundtrack was created in collaboration with renowned guitarist Jeremy Whiskey, and we hear Tiger at times introducing the songs he loves. Being largely non-verbal Tiger communicates through his artwork and connects his cultural beliefs and iconography to the popular culture of today. AC/DC is one of Tigers favorite bands, it is arguably also one of the Nations favorite and most iconic Australian bands and by bringing them and the mamu spirits of country together we see a strong symbolic gesture of two cultures sharing space and connecting.

Artist Statement

Tiger Yaltangki’s vibrant and prolific artistic output is closely informed by his love of music, especially the hard rock of AC/DC, who frequently figure in Tiger’s work via their distinctive logo and electric guitar worship. In a series of paintings on vintage band posters, images of AC/DC members and the band’s iconography are interspersed with Tiger's representations of mamu (spirit beings). For Anangu, mamu can be scary (particularly for children) but for Tiger they are a benevolent presence, bringing an element of mischievous humour to his interventions to the posters. 

ROCK N ROLL, is Tigers new commission for RISING made in collaboration with renowned guitarist Jeremy Whiskey, it is an installation that combines painted sculptures and video in a joyous celebration of the music that holds meaning for Tiger and inspires and empowers his self-expression. Jeremy Whiskey contributes a driving soundtrack of epic guitar riffs inspired by AC/DC.

Artwork Description

As you enter the room you are greeted by an archway that is around 3 meters tall with large hand painted guitars that around the frame. Through this archway is one large LED screen that plays a video work featuring the hand painted vintage AC/DC posters of Tiger Yaltangki. The posters change to the beat of the music which is rock and roll music and they have pink, green, yellow, red, black, blue colours. The posters feature paintings of Mamu spirits that have a round face mouth with smiley teethy grin and little eyes and ears. The Mamu are in the posters with the AC/DC band members, some posters Tiger has painted glasses on the band members, colour on their guitars, different motifs that connect to Tigers culture.

Around the room are cut-outs painted by the artist. One says Tiger and another one says Rock and Roll. There is also a hand painted photo of the artist playing a guitar he has a pink T-shirt on and there are mamu spirits around him.

Meet the artists

Artwork Credits

ROCK N ROLL (2023)
Tiger Yaltangki (SA) - Yankunytjatjara with Jeremy Whiskey (SA) – Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara

Video Editor | Jackson Lee
Audio Engineer | Pirate; The Black Wreath, Mparntwe

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