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The Themes of Shadow Spirit

The Themes of Shadow Spirit
The Themes of Shadow Spirit

Weaving Time

Weaving Time considers multi-dimensional spaces in our world that goes back to the morning of the first sunrise. There are Ancestor creators that are in an ever-present slip stream of what we know as time. It was then, it is now, and it is yet to happen. Through our dreams and through travel between the tangible and intangible states we traverse astral plains and temporal spaces, we honour the Ancestor spirits and connect to each other in multiple ways.

The Guides

Through the The Guides we can contemplate the energy and peoples that guide us both on earth and in the stars. There are stories of beings that bring new life of babies and protection of country, that keep us safe and comforted. The guides can be playful and cheeky and take different forms from Ancestral star constellations, to changing seasons and animal kin, to our loved ones passed– we must listen deeply.

Absent Presence

The Absent Presence looks at the space between what we feel and what we know, what the body tells us in opposition to what the mind wants us to think. There are things that feel very present but that cannot be seen. Sometimes they bring warning or disruption, sometimes they feel unwanted.

The In-Between

In The In-between we think about shapeshifting multiverses, where the eagle becomes man, and the sand knows your name. Where humans become animal, and animal become Kin. What are the memories of the ocean waters or the wind? Do the mountains remember the first tree that sprouted? Are we remembering, or are we imagining?

Spirit Ecologies

Through Spirit Ecologies we understand how Country has spirit and holds stories and legends of energies and other worldly beings that heed both warning and protection. Across the continent, there are accounts of creatures that live in the rivers and mountains, that swim in the oceans and protect waterways. These spirit ecologies are dynamic and change across the country, they are on land and subterranean, in waters and live amongst the stars.

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